Press Release: Parex USA Announces the Launch of Quick Base EIFS Base Coat & Adhesive

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Parex USA Announces the Launch of Quick Base EIFS Base Coat & Adhesive

New Packaging Addresses a Green Focus


Anaheim, CA — May 04, 2010 - Parex USA, Inc. the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, Teifs, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, and Merkrete today announced the launch of Parex Quick Base EIFS Base Coat & Adhesive in a box.

Quick Base is a single component base coat and adhesive and the first product of its kind to be offered in a bag in box package. Parex Quick Base is as much about being applicator friendly as it is about being green. The benefits for the applicator carry over to benefits for the environment:

Single component means the product is ready to use out of the box.

A great benefit for the applicator, less time is spent managing multiple products and mixing on the job site so time can be focused on applying EIFS. The environment benefits by greatly reducing fuel needs required to ship extra components to the job site and decreases the mess that mixing on-site creates.

"Parex Quick Base is an exciting product launch for Parex USA," commented Quenton Roehricht, Brand Manager. "We are taking a proven product concept and deploying it in a package that has never been done in the EIFS market. Quick Base is truly beneficial for applicators and the environment."

Innovative packaging helps contain costs and protects the environment.

Offering Quick Base in a bag and box drastically reduces the amount of plastic that is hauled to landfills. The Quick Base box may be recycled, eliminating the landfill impact. As environmental control on job sites increase, the management of waste will become another aspect applicators will have to manage. Parex Quick Base will help to ease this responsibility on the applicator.

Parex Quick Base is a win-win for construction professionals and the environment. For more information regarding Quick Base EIFS Base Coat & Adhesive, visit



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Parex USA, Inc., a California Corporation, is the parent company to brands that offer a wide range of innovative façade and flooring solutions. Its brands include Parex, LaHabra Stucco, Merkrete, Teifs, El Rey Stucco, Merlex Stucco, Variance Finishes, and Vero-Rialto. It is a subsidiary of the ParexGroup, S.A., one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty solutions for the construction industry. ParexGroup spans 22 countries, employing 4,000 professionals across 66 manufacturing facilities and 9 R&D centers. To learn more about Parex USA, Inc., please visit



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